Liberty Movement in Peril

In a recent Pioneer Press article, the removal of the Minnesota GOP’s 4th Congressional District (MN GOP CD4) Chair John Kysylyczyn is characterized as in-fighting between liberty movement (read: Ron Paul supporters) and establishment Republicans.  This is not true.  The CD4 Chair was removed because he failed to fulfill his duties as outlined in the MN GOP CD4 Constitution.  End of story.  Indeed removal proceedings were spearheaded by members of the liberty movement.  Given that the majority of the CD4 Full Committee is part of the movement and a 2/3 majority is required for removal, it would be quite impossible to remove the CD4 Chair without liberty Republican support.  In any event, most of the support on the CD4 Full Committee for Mr. Kysylyczyn came from people outside the liberty movement.

Therein lies the real story.  Liberty movement delegates in CD4 got the Chair elected and got the Chair removed.  Liberty movement delegates supporting removal came disproportionately from those new to the movement that have taken active roles in CD4 as elected members of the CD4 Executive and Full Committees.  Those opposing removal predominately came from established members of the liberty movement.  There are some noted exceptions, but taken as a whole it is a fair characterization.

The real question for CD4’s GOP is what to do next.  Those favoring removal – fair disclosure I was among them – are now making a concerted effort to assemble a strategic plan for CD4 and a leadership team to execute on said, and as yet unfinished, plan.  This initiative is a joint effort by Republicans of all stripes interested in promoting the principles of liberty and opportunity.  With any luck this whole removal episode can serve as a new beginning.

Given the friction demonstrated within the liberty movement, there is some question as to what role the movement will play going forward.  Liberty advocates who favored removal are already working hard to integrate the ideals of liberty into the strategic plan.  These leaders will undoubtedly have significant influence on the composition of the team that will be asking for the trust of CD4 to implement the plan.  Ideally this effort would include all those involved in the liberty movement.  Unfortunately efforts thusfar to reach out to established liberty leaders have mostly been rebuffed.

It is understandable that when removal of a CD Chair comes to the fore that emotions would run high on both side of the issue.  There is certainly room for speculation as to motives for all involved.  Still the need for a reasonable strategic plan in CD4 with the backing of the vast majority of Republicans in CD4 is plain.  There is little time for holding grudges.  One way or another the strategic plan will get written and the leadership team will be selected.  Both would be stronger with the established liberty leaders’ participation.

On the odd chance that intransigence remains all those in the liberty movement will have to make a choice.  Put trust in the established liberty leaders or put trust in the liberty people working to build a CD4 GOP Party capable of promoting liberty and liberty candidates.  Not a palatable choice.  Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

2 thoughts on “Liberty Movement in Peril

  1. Thanks for this good post. John K.’s tenure gives great insight into what we need in the next CD4 chair. John K failed because he had zero experience in CD4 and was clueless on what the important role of the the Full Committee. We need someone with experience in knowing what the CD4 Executive Committee and Full Committee does to elect our candidates and we need someone who knows a leader is a facilitator who gets results through others.

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